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A global leading high level Strategy Consulting Company

Government Affairs, Public Affairs, Business Diplomacy​, International Relations 


Helping the world to navigate in challenging times 

  • A global leading Strategy Consulting Company with former ministers, ambassadors and high profiles 

  • Working at the international high level in around 80 countries 

  • Acts as trusted advisor to Government, Institutions and leading business


Commitment by that we only are working with the tasks we believe in ourselves and with people who Share our values and commitment in the world. Trust and Professionalism by our senior advisors who are among the most influential people. Proven leading record by that we have been there ourselves and done it with well recognized success. Appointed to several awards, 

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We are helping to change the world to a better place. We strives the intensions of the UN Agenda 2030, the goal of Sustainability development and are working for net zero plus. We believe that strong cooperation and partnerships is the only way to success.

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We provide our clients enhanced strategic decision-making capability and new perspectives in an everchanging global business environment. We do this by delivering services within three distinct areas – Diplomacy, Executive and Business Intelligence and Risk and Crisis Management.

Since 2015, we have on behalf of our clients executed projects all over the world. We combine our partners’ collective experience with strong local networks in the countries we operate in. We make the complex understandable and offer actionable advice answering the client's questions "What does this mean to me?" and "What should I do now?".

As the world is getting more complex and companies face new risks and opportunities, we continuously develop our services to be able to deliver high quality support and advice to our clients. Substantial effort has been invested in the development of data-based, quantitative methods to combine our traditional qualitative approach to geopolitics.

Good Government Affairs International offers increased decision-making ability in decisions concerning for example expansion, geographical presence, logistics/flows, investments, partnerships, and risk management. Each project is unique and tailored-made to the needs of the client.

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Get to know us more

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Former Enforcement Director 
Enforcement Authority

The Royal Kingdom of Sweden

Lena has 30 years' experience of highest leadership. Lena is the Chairwoman and Founder at Good Government Affairs International.

Previous assignments include the Enforcement Director the Kingdom of Sweden, the Founder/Chairwoman for an European high level Think Tank for the Public Banks/EU Commission, European Centralbank and European Investmentbank in Europe, at charge for the Swedish fiscalis and resque package ”Task Force for Greece” by the international Troika IMF, European Centralbank and European Commission.

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Some of our high level Senior Advisors. 
Today we are around 20 high level Senior advisors and we expand globally very fast   



Royal Kingdom of Sweden

Her Imperial and Royal Highness 

Former Member of Parliament for Sweden

Former Secretary General Paneuropean Unionen 

Former Advisor for European Parliament

Former Advisor for the Sultanate of Oman

                           Mats Hellstrom

Royal Kingdom of Sweden

Former Minister of Foreign Trade,

Former Minister of Agriculture 
Former Minister of Nordic Cooperation

Former Minister of EU-Affairs
Former Ambassador of Sweden to Germany,


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