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Our GGA senior advisor Her Imperial Royal Highness and Foundation for Peace

Today we have the honor to present our Good Government Affairs senior advisor, Walburga Habsburg Douglas. Walburga has been MP in the Parliament of Sweden, Advisor for European Parliament, Advisor for the Sultanate of Oman, Board member for the Arab International Media Forum and much more. She has her whole life been involved at the global arena for human rights, peace and democrazy. Her father, Crown Prince Otto von Habsburg created 100 years ago the Paneuropean Union an organisation Walburga is very much active into. Walburga has a Doctorate Dr.iur.utr. degree in Law Ph.D and a degree in journalism. She is historic as the leader for the Pan-European Cross-Boarder picnic where the Iron Curtain in Europe fell.

Looking forward to help the world together in this very challenging times and to do many good things in diplomacy, geopolitical, geostrategy and much more. Together we have started the creation for the global Foundation for Peace. Warm welcome dear Walburga

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